Maeve Van Klaveren

The work of Maeve van Klaveren is figurative and inspired by daily life.  Her works are a  conversation between her thoughts and experiences, Klaveren’s quiet drawings take a closer look at her immediate environment, imbuing the moments of daily life with new meaning. Her work revolves around people, their interactions and surroundings. It does not tell one-on-one a stories of sadness, happiness, love, life or death, and yet these things often become the foundation for each new work.   Being human, music, family, friends and nature are all important sources of inspiration.  Maeve focuses on the materiality of the drawing. She works with drawing material to portray her subject matter in a careful, tender way, with a preference for watercolour or pastel.



2020 - WERKSPOORKADE, Tractieweg 43, Utrecht, NL

2018 - GALLERY SOPHIE,  'Are You Presence?', Paviljoensgracht 70, The Haque, NL

2016 - DE AANSCHOUW, Witte de Withstraat 80, Rotterdam, NL
2016 - HAREN MAJESTEIT, 'outside in', Lieve Vrouwenstraat 27, Amersfoort, NL




2022 - CHARACTER, Mothflower ( - online)

2022 - FAIR SHARE ART FAIR, Amsterdam Art Week, Moving Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

2022 - WOP4, Blue Shop Cottage, online exhibition, 113A Grove Lane, London, GB

2022 - PAPER, BEERSLondon, 51 Little Britain, London, GB

2022 - OMIKRON EDITION, Tinimini Room, online exhibition, Blekersdijk 36, Dordrecht, NL

2021 - PANNENKOEK ÉN APPELTAART?!, Kunstuitleen Utrecht, Landhuis Oud Amelisweerd, Koningslaan 9,  Bunnik, NL

2021 - ART CALL, Delphian Gallery, Unit 1, London, United Kingdom

2021 - WOP3, Blue Shop Cottage, online exhibition, 113A Grove Lane, Camberwell, London,  United Kingdom

2020 - RAAKVLAKKEN (interfaces), Moving Gallery, Mgr. van de Weteringstraat 69, Utrecht, NL

2020 - ARTIST IN THE WORLD /Utrecht Edition, Galerie Larik, Nachtegaalstraat 82a,  Utrecht, NL

2020 - PIET HEIN EEK GALLERY, 'GENEROUS', curated by Marc Mulders, Halvemanstraat 30, Eindhoven, NL

2020 - OPEN WEEKEND ART UTRECHT, MOVING GALLERY, Oudegracht 112-b, Utrecht, NL

2020 - HOT PAPER (GIFC) , online exhibition, Oslo/ Los Angeles
2020 - SHOWHOUSE JAY JAY, online exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium
2019 - WGKUNST, Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 28, Amsterdam, NL
2019 - DE AANSCHOUW and DXIX, expo Co/Lab 4, Torrence Art Museum (TAM), Los Angeles
2018 - REMEMBRANCE DAY FOR LOST SPECIES, Muiderberg/ het Gooi, NL
2018 - THE FDN DUTCH PORTRAIT, Weekend of the Portrait, Loods 6/ KNSM, laan 143,  Amsterdam, NL

2018 - HOOGTIJ, foremost cultural tours in The Hague, Paviljoensgracht 70, The Haque, NL
2017 - GIFC, Athena > Copenhagen > NYC > Oslo > Stockholm > Los Angeles