Guilaine Jeanpierre

Guilaine Jeanpierre is a French and Mauritian figurative artist, living  and working in Brussels, Belgium.  She works mainly with gouache and watercolor on paper.  Guilaine has been an autodidact drawer and painter since a young age.  Despite her long-lived passion for art, she put it aside for many years before revisiting her practice recently.  Social media gave her the possibility to showcase her work and rediscover her artistic voice.  She exhibited for the first time in Brussels in early 2022.  Going forward, she wishes to grow as an artist and to touch as many people as possible through her work.


Jeanpierre paints intimate scenes with a surrealist touch.  The bodies and features of her characters are notably distorted or androgynous, distilling an unreal and strange feeling.  The characters are often depicted  in awkward situations. They seem on the edge, indictative of undefinable feelings.  Jeanpierre is interested in exploring gender norms through her work and seeks to discover something new.  She appreciates the use of paper as the surface of her paintings: the off-stage feel makes her work seem more meaningful, intimate and real.  Jeanpierre's narrative scenes are devoid of time.  Their surroundings are indefinite, unrealistic and dreamy.  She tends to always look for grace and softness whether in the faces or in the colors.  Her paintings and drawings are evolving towards a more secretive and mysterious feeling.