Harry Clitheroe

Harry Clitheroe (b. 1996) graduated with a BA Hons in Painting and Printmaking from Glasgow School of Art in 2018 and recently finished his studies on The Drawing Year at The Royal Drawing School. His work has been exhibited in group shows including The Royal Drawing School's 'Best of The Drawing Year' exhibition at Christie's, London in 2021 and The Royal Scottish Academy's 'New Contemporaries' exhibition in 2019. This year he was commissioned to illustrate a text in PAPERBOY Magazine and selected works were featured in Art Review Glasgow in 2018. He currently lives and works in London.


Clitheroe’s large scale figurative paintings are often sparked by texts - letters to loved ones, something overheard on the bus, lyrics from a song. Compositions reoccur in shorthand sketches done from the artist’s memories and evolve when found photographs, often an amalgamation of film stills, old family albums or photographs taken on his phone stand in for personal visual experiences.


Male figures move through Clitheroe’s works, usually in pairs, sometimes alone, but always finding each other to rest for a moment. Two lovers dancing through these ruins - distant, entwined, withdrawn, embracing under the archways. Oranges and pinks contrast with deeper areas of blue as the sun sets behind the trees. Intimate moments shared in significant places; marked corners of London’s parks, trees that anchor memories and past lovers whose shadows shroud cemeteries, places of solace and quiet with an impending sense of nostalgia. A narrative runs through the entire body of work, yet each painting possesses its own identity, a singular moment in time that gives space for the figures to share a breath.